We created MagPelt magazine pouch to supply a comfortable, affordable, and safe way to carry handgun magazines in your pocket.  We also conceived MagPelt to safely secure loaded magazines in vehicles, gear bags, safes, and drawers. 

To prevent ammo anxiety various self-defense experts advise you carry a reload as part of your prescribed carry routine. Those with professional duty and competition needs, or personal preference will attach a magazine carrier on their belt. Others choose to pocket a backup magazine depending on the firearm, clothing, and an assessment of the concealed carry environment.

A downside of pocket carry is several mag carriers are bulky and uncomfortable. MagPelt offers superior comfort while protecting the business end of your magazine from pocket debris and damage. 


Simplicity and Affordability: MagPelt magazine pouches come in two sizes: Single Stack (black label) or Double Stack (white label) that easily conforms to most handgun magazines.

Everyday Carry Versatility: MagPelt can be used to secure revolver speed strips, knives, flashlights, pepper spray, and multi-tools.

Additionally, MagPelt works as a dirt and dust cover for rifle and handgun muzzles.


Experience the comfort of MagPelt.


Expertly manufactured in the USA from strong (wet-suit grade) 3 mm black neoprene.


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About Us

MagPelt is a family-owned business located in Boise, Idaho.  As a wildland firefighter/safety officer for over 35 years, I continually strengthen my EDC line gear with a focus on utility, weight, and comfort.  After hanging up my fire shelter, I create MagPelt to satisfy my evolved personal EDC needs and ritual.

George Solverson – Owner  




MagPelt – Handgun Muzzle
MagPelt – AR Muzzle